Retake No BHop:
1v1 Arena:
Retake with BHop:
Surf Tier 1-2:
Surf Tier 3: by Plumbum by Quick$ilver by TrobaZz Zone und HORNI LP by Bosslive

Administrator: Colin Busch
This guy is the developer of this page and of the CSGO Server Webinterface

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We Love Gaming - We want to have fun!

We Love Gaming community of people who like to play multiplayer or coop games together.
Currently we are hosting two Teamspeak 3 servers and a few CS:GO servers.
German and English are our main spoken languages and we are all 16-30 years old.
We are always searching for nice people who want to play with us or just have fun at Teamspeak.
Our mainly played Game is Counter Strike Global Offensive. But we sometimes play GTA V, ARK and Minecraft.